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Promoting (re-)use of public sector geo-information (PSGI) has been central to my research. My research is dedicated to the relation between policy choices, quality and use of PSGI, and other aspects that may influence use of PSGI.

Another key research area is the assessment of geographic information infrastructures, or spatial data infrastructures (SDI) in general and within the context of an SDI, the role of access policies for public sector geographic information and legal aspects of geographic information (especially access law, location privacy and licensing).

A special research interest is in the harmonisation of geographic information infrastructures such as INSPIRE and land administration more specifically.

For the MSc. programs Geomatics and GIMA, I am teaching organisational and legal aspects of SDIs.

About my research
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Contact information
Dr. ir. Bastiaan van Loenen M.Sc.
Associate professor

Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment, Knowledge Center Open Data

Julianalaan 134
2628 BL Delft, The Netherlands


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Chair GSDI legal and socio-economic committee

Lid van het ministerie van Economische Zake ICT doorbraakteam open (geo) data

Chair NCG committee on geo information infrastructures